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MQii Recommended Malnutrition Clinical Workflow

MQii Recommended Malnutrition Clinical Workflow

Malnutrition Screening
Definition: systematic process of identifying an individual who is at risk for malnutrition to establish whether the patient is in need of a malnutrition assessment
• 24 Hrs. Following Patient Admission

Nutrition Assessment
Definition: systematic approach to collect and interpret relevant data from patients, caregivers, patient family members, and the medical record to establish a malnutrition diagnosis and determine a patient’s malnutrition severity
• 24 - 48 Hrs. Following A Screening Where Patient is Determined to Be At Risk

Malnutrition Diagnosis
Definition: identification of and labeling of a patient’s nutrition problem that requires independent treatment that may be unrelated to the patient’s index at hospital admission
• Immediately Following Nutrition Assessment

Malnutrition Care Plan Development
Definition: development of a document outlining comprehensive planned actions with the intention of impacting nutrition-related factors affecting patient health status
• Immediately Following Diagnosis