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Our Region. Our Water.

Our Region. Our Water.

Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) has announced a five-year, $241 million infrastructure improvement plan. When evaluating the factors affecting the need for the expansion of facilities at DMWW, the primary factor appears to be increased demand for water in the metropolitan area due to population growth.

A recent review of DMWW’s own CH2M Nitrate Management Plan by former DMWW CEO L.D. McMullen reveals that capital costs are being driven by the growth in customer base, and that “if the existing three treatment plants were available and the water demand was as it was in 1990, there would be no need for additional nitrate treatment.”

Currently, the DMWW facility serves Des Moines and more than twenty surrounding communities and water districts, however, and demand has grown significantly since 1990. One thing hasn’t changed – the suburb communities that now make up more than half of total water consumption do not have a voice in decision-making.