Paying for Our Cheap Food Choices

As in almost every other recent article on this topic, it's weak on farmer-side issues, not seeing that farmers (for decades) have been the first to feel the impacts of cheap prices, with most being run out of business, with young people (even those who inherit) unable to enter farming (driving up the age of farmers,) and with the loss of value added livestock and with that loss, the loss of Resource Conserving Crop Rotations, then the damage to their communities, including the whole infrastructure for diversified farming. Then, like so many others, they misunderstand the policy issues, calling for subsidy redistribution but for nothing to restore fair prices (& eliminate the need for any subsidies). So the article suggests policies that preserve the cheapest of cheap farm prices for maximum agribusiness exploitation, all while covering this up by blaming farmer victims, (who have received only $1 in subsidies for each $8 in price/value reductions since 1953). Farmers subsidize consumers, massively (net result: price reductions + subsidies = net) and it's been a horrible failure, destroying our farm and food system. The article is written by people who don't understand the whole story. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

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