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Poultry Flocks and Synergistic Feeding

Poultry Flocks and Synergistic Feeding

One of the many benefits of a home poultry flock is its contribution to food security. Better yet, the ability to feed the home flock with backyard resources makes a household more self-sufficient. As scavengers that “scratch and peck” their diet, chickens maintain a synergistic relationship with their environment, finding feed and improving soil quality. In this online article, Harvey Ussery wrote a comprehensive outline about the many possibilities to sustainably and naturally provide for your home flock with backyard, organic feeds. He highlights, “all is fresher and more nutritious than anything you can buy in a bag.” From pasturing raising and growing your own conventional grains, to simply letting the chickens roam in the gardens, orchards, and compost there are many options out there.

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