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Providing Natural Poultry Feed

Providing Natural Poultry Feed

Jody Padgham, from Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, interviews Jeff Mattocks, a specialist in poultry nutrition, about the different nutritional needs of poultry. Mattocks distinguishes the nutritional needs of poultry based upon whether they are being raised for meat or egg production. He goes on to explain that growing your own feed is great way to supplement a natural poultry feed. Field peas, wheat, naked oats, and corn are excellent sources of nutrients that can make up a good portion of poultry’s dietary needs. Secondly, Mattocks explains that the benefits of providing pastures for the poultry to roam are far beyond the obvious need for space. Pastures are a house for protein, specifically bugs. As they scratch and peck their way through the fields, chickens find their sources of protein as well as vitamins. Learn more about growing your own poultry feed, recommendations, and considerations from this interview.

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