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Questions to Ask Your Farmer to Help Connect

Questions to Ask Your Farmer to Help Connect

Sustainable Table provides a few key questions to ask farmers when considering their products. This list is categorized by type of farm, with questions for beef, hog, dairy, poultry, and produce farmers. Increasing our understanding of where our food comes from is beneficial for our health, but also for the environment and local communities, if understanding our food's original helps us make better choices. Understanding that there are farmers planting that grain and raising those cows is one thing, but understanding how this is done, is the next level in connecting to our food. This page provides key questions involving what animals are raised on, how they are finished, if they're given growth hormones, if farmers grow heirloom fruits or vegetables and what sort of variety they grow. In addition, explanations of terms such as "finishing" animals and heirloom produce increase our understanding of what we are looking for in the answers to these questions.

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