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Real Food challenge

Real Food challenge

The time has come to harness our power to create a food system that is just and sustainable for all.

Our Approach
We’ve defined Real Food with a set of standards encompassing the many distinct sectors that make up the food movement. Students lead the charge and organize their peers to demand that their campus commit to buying and serving more Real Food. By shifting towards more Real Foods, institutions create change in the food chain for all: from farmers to workers to eaters to the planet.

What is Real Food?
In a world where pizza is considered a vegetable and buying organic doesn’t necessarily mean that the workers were paid a living wage, it’s important to clearly define “Real Food.” Broadly, Real Food truly nourishes everyone: producers, consumers, communities, and the earth.

RFC Leaders
Students have often been at the forefront of social movements, and fighting for a better food system is no exception. RFC students are unapologetic, feisty, and dedicated to changing the lives of farmers, workers, and eaters by demanding Real Food on their campuses.