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Share Carbon Sequestration: Another Reason for Good Stewardship

Share Carbon Sequestration: Another Reason for Good Stewardship

Why are healthy ecosystems critical to climate change mitigation and adaptation?Ecosystems across the lower 48 states sequester carbon, counterbalancing greenhouse gas emissions. Forests, wetlands, and farms in the Eastern U.S. naturally store more carbon than the rest of the rest of the lower 48 states combined.Please join Interior's Office of Policy Analysis on December 8 for their monthly speaker series, which will feature Bradley Reed, USGS Associate Program Coordinator.Dr. Reed will discuss what disturbances such as wildfires, urban development, and increased demand for forest products mean for future carbon sequestration.He will also discuss efforts to assess carbon sequestration capacity in Alaska and Hawaii. For more information on USGS carbon sequestration research and tools visit:Carbon Storage in U.S. Eastern Ecosystems Helps Counter Greenhouse Gas Emissions Contributing to Climate Change​

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