Shelf Life and Shelf Life Extension

Shelf Life and Shelf Life Extension

Smithers Rapra provides an in-depth analysis of your product and its components to establish its shelf life and the feasibility of a shelf life extension.

There are a number of reasons why the shelf life of a component needs to be established or extended. At Smithers Rapra, we regularly investigate the following common concerns:

Product performance: if a product has worked fine for a set period of time, will it continue to perform for longer (and if so, how long)?
Medical device storage: moulded assemblies are often kept in storage for a period of time, with an arbitrary shelf life - is it possible to extend this shelf life and use up the stock of components?
Degradation susceptibility: can old stock (e.g. polymer granules) still be used for moulding, or will they be more susceptible to failure?
Expert Guidance and Chemical Analysis

By considering their long-term mechanical properties, the shelf life performance of assembled components can be assessed and reviewed. Our expert team can provide an independent review of your product and its components to determine expected shelf life performance.

Chemical analysis techniques can be utilised to evaluate the suitability of the material in terms of resistance to degradation.

Smithers Rapra's state-of-the-art chemical testing laboratories enable us to provide an independent analysis of both plastics and rubbers, and determine the shelf life of your product.