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So you’re doing pretty well so far: cooking at home, eating delicious food, and feeling pretty great. *Virtual high five* Hopefully you’re now feeling tiger blood coursing through your veins. Or don’t worry, you will be very soon! More energy, less stress, less cravings, better sleep…ISN’T. IT. AWESOME!?

You may be feeling a little ambitious now. You’ve tried out some new ingredients, recipes, and are (most likely) feeling, in general, a little pretty proud of yourself. But maybe…a little antisocial? Missing restaurants and not having to cook every. damn. meal?

NEWSFLASH, people. It is possible (and can even be enjoyable) to eat out at restaurants while you’re on the whole30! And it does NOT involve any plain steamed chicken and broccoli. (Though you could do that, if you like boring food.)

I know what you’re thinking.

WHAT?! What is this magic?! Seriously though. You can do it! Prime example: How about this breakfast burger with an egg, bacon and tomato on top…that I got in an AIRPORT in Lisbon, Portugal? Totally Whole30-friendly. And totally delicious.

Boom. Drop the mic and leave.