Grassfed animals are fed grass for at least part of their lives. It can, but doesn't necessarily, mean grass-finished, which refers to animals that have been raised on pasture and fed grass from weaning until slaughter. American Grassfed certification requires animals to be grass-finished.

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Grass Fed

Grass Fed

Douglas Gayeton for Lexicon of Sustainability

Grass Fed

Location: Red Hill Farm, Petaluma, CA

Featuring: Don Gilardi, his Llama, Mo and his Sheep, Sussex, Dorset and Friesian Ewes

Don Gilardi’s 80 acre farm has been in the family Since 1914. It was primarily a dairy farm until five years ago when Don began raising his family’s sheep. They are pasture fed, with a supplement of alfalfa from a feed store in Petaluma. The sheep are shaved in June: the wool is sent to Yolo Wool Mill and comes back as yarn, batting and roving. (Male Lambs are harvested at 70 days)

Llamas like Mo are used for guarding the flock against wild dogs and coyotes.

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