The farm to table movement advocates for local, seasonal, fresh and organically-produced foods and has been promoted by both farmers and chefs as a means to connect consumers to the source of the ingredients in their meals. Farm-to-table restaurants stock their kitchens directly from local farms or their own gardens, and educate diners about the stages of the food cycle and the effects that their choices have on people, animals, economies and the planet.

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Farm to Table

Farm to Table

Douglas Gayeton for Lexicon of Sustainability

Farm to Table

Location: Black Cat Farm & Black Cat Restaurant, Boulder, CO

Featuring: Eric Skokan

Farm to table is the most direct journey food can take to your table, from a farmer’s hand to yours.

Eric’s favorite things to grow (and eat) in this garden are strawberries warmed by the sub, fresh shelled peas (cooked with lemon, mint, and butter), and carrots harvested with snow on the ground (they’re so sweet).

For Eric, cooking in season means cooking in the moment, harvesting what is perfect and inspiring in the morning then rushing to the restaurant in the afternoon and serve it that afternoon. Eric believes that the shorter he makes that time, the better the food.


- In a medium pot over high heat cook one diced onion in a little sweet butter for 2-3 minutes.
- To the pot add one large potato that’s been peeled and diced.
- Add three tart apples, also diced.
- Add water to just cover the apples and boil for 15 minutes or until the water is almost evaporated.
- Blend mixture plus 3 tablespoons Lovage in a food processor.
- Puree then return to pot (thinned with cream + some water).
- Season with salt.
- Reheat and serve in warmed bowls with chopped lovage on top.

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