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Season extension means using greenhouses to prolong the growing season. Seeds are planted earlier and the last harvest of the year comes later, allowing consumers to continue eating local foods longer than would otherwise be possible.

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Season Extension

Season Extension

Photo by Douglas Gayeton

Season Extension

Location: Side Yard Farm and Kitchen
Featuring: Stacy Givens, Urban Farmer

Urban farmers working small plots of land always face financial challenges, but when Stacey put in a high tunnel, it changed everything.

Since 2009, Stacey and a cadre of local volunteers and interns have been growng a mix of seasonal vegetables, fruits, seeds and culinary herbs on a small urban farm in Cully, a residential neighborhood in Northeast Portland.

"We got a grant from NRCS to put in a 40’ x 20‘ high tunnel, which to a small urban farm, that’s huge. It’s completely changed the way we farm tomatoes. We’re able to get 103 tomato plants in there where before we would do maybe 40 to 50. So it’s doubled production for us, which means we’re able to take on more clientele, add more restaurants. Farmers don’t make that much money, especially urban farmers working on small land in the city, paying high water bills, so it’s changed a lot for us because tomatoes are definitely a cash crop."

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