04/08/2019 Release from the Office of Virginia First Lady Pamela Northam:

RICHMOND - Virginia First Lady Pamela Northam, Secretary of Education Atif Qarni, and Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Bettina Ring are calling on the commonwealth’s... Read more

Scott Chang-Fleeman was in his second year of apprenticing at the farm and garden program at the University of California Santa Cruz when he began a project growing Chinese vegetables. Having grown up in West Los Angeles as a biracial, third-generation Chinese American, he didn’t know a lot about farming, nor did he have a strong connection to his Chinese culture.

In 2014, Fourpure became the first beer brewer in London to can its entire range. And since then, they’ve not stopped to try and find ways to make the beer industry more environmentally-friendly.

Just 10 years ago, the district of Khanbogd, in southern Mongolia’s Omnogovi province, was a barely known region of eastern Asia. That changed with the discovery of gold and copper deposits below the seemingly endless Gobi desert, home to a community of herdsmen who had worked hard to make a living from this barren land.

Climate change is underway, and human activities such as urbanisation, industrialisation and food production are key contributors. Food production alone accounts for around 25% of global carbon emissions.

Agricool is a Parisian urban agriculture tech start-up that recently raised $28 million to scale its business: growing strawberries in reclaimed shipping containers in central Paris using... Read more

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Erika Pepper is a believer. A project assistant with a company that designs and installs green roofs throughout New York City, Pepper enrolled at San Diego City College’s Sustainable... Read more

If you’re in the mood for a special dinner and you have a farm-to-table restaurant in your city, it might be one of your favorite options. The farm-to-table movement promises locally sourced, fresh, delicious things, prepared with care and served enticingly.

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In an outbreak that has now run for more than 28 months, at least 279 people across 41 states have fallen ill with multidrug-resistant Salmonella infections linked to raw turkey products. Federal investigators are still trying to determine the cause.

When talk turns to new technologies, trash cans may not be the first things that come to mind, but a new smart bin is actively embracing machine learning to target... Read more

Today is World Water Day, a time to reflect on the vital importance of water. This year’s theme “Leaving no one behind” has us thinking about farmers, who, in the struggle to ensure everyone has access to abundant, clean water, sometimes do get left behind.

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1 Earth Overshoot Day, Global Footprint Network, 2018

2 The Circular Economy Could Unlock $4. 5 trillion of Economic Growth, Finds New Book, Accenture, 2015

$25,000 (USD) in funding

Google Cloud for Startups: Spark Package (includes $20,000 USD in Google Cloud credits)

SAP product access

1:1 mentorship

$100,000 (USD) in funding

Google Cloud for... Read more

When the Republic of Palau’s new marine sanctuary law takes final effect in 2020, the country will have the sixth-largest fully protected marine area in the world. A 500,000-square-kilometer area within the western Pacific nation’s... Read more

It’s a striking image, watching a walrus climb a rock cliff. During one episode of the new Netflix nature docu-series “Our Planet,” we witness something that shouldn’t be happening — and is only happening now, the producers say, because of climate change.

In the first study of its kind, researchers from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, the University of Surrey, the University of Stirling and the Arctic University of Norway investigated the social and economic impact of plastics in the sea. Examining previous research in this field, researchers identified a number of key areas affecting society that are directly impacted by plastics in the marine... Read more

In the opening episode of Our Planet, Netflix’s new nature documentary, there’s a scene where a glacier tumbling down from the Greenland ice sheet begins to cough up chunks of ice. Zoomed in aerial footage, overhead shots, and a water-level view all set against detonating cracks show cliffs collapse and shards of jagged white and blue ice breaking apart.

Whether it has something to do with the environment, personal health issues, ethical beliefs, or a sincere desire to stop animal cruelty, we all have our reasons for becoming vegan. However, I... Read more

Let me get this out of the way: I'm not personally a vegan, and I think real eggs can be part of a healthy, balanced diet for anyone who enjoys eating them. In fact, they'd probably... Read more

The Nassau grouper, a commercially valuable reef fish found in the Caribbean, is now listed as critically endangered by the IUCN. Nassau groupers migrate yearly to breed at massive gatherings known as spawning aggregations, where they are an easy target for fishers.

The California ReportFacebook Twitter Email Copy LinkCopy Link Two deckhands pull in a crab pot on Dick Ogg's boat in Bodega Bay. (Amy Westervelt/KQED)A settlement announced Tuesday between fishers, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Center for Biological Diversity will bring an April 15 close to the Dungeness crab season statewide, three months earlier than it usually... Read more