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30 Days of Bugs

30 Days of Bugs

30 Days of Bugs

One student challenged himself to eat bugs for 30 days, 3 meals a day

Check out Camren Brantley-Rios’ blog where he dedicated himself to eating insects everyday, three meals a day, for 30 days. Brantley-Rios lays out all the compelling reasons for adopting bugs into your diet, including taste, he quips: “many entomophagists claim that bugs taste really good and I’m all about some good grub.”

More than anything, Brantley-Rios has a lot of questions he hopes to answer in his 30-day journey: “Can they really be used on a daily basis? Do they actually taste good? What’s the best way to cook them? Is the cultural barrier even easy to overcome? I’m going to find out and I want to share my experience with you.”

The blog is full of beautiful photography of Brantley-Rios’ almost hundred bug meals, and an equal amount of inspiring ideas you might be interested in trying yourself.

On the last day of his challenge, Brantley-Rios describes his experience eating tarantula: “It reminded me of chicken. Nothing very wild about the taste so give it a try if you ever have the chance. It’s just meat. It’s just food. Long story short, that’s what this entire challenge has been about. Showing people that this is just food.”

He closes with a toast: “So here’s to eating adventurously, eating healthy and eating sustainably, all in one bite.”

Share with us photos of your favorite meals that include insects!

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