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The Broken Link Between Nutrition and Flavor

The Broken Link Between Nutrition and Flavor

Mark Schatzker's "The Dorito Effect" explores the "intimate connection between flavor and nutrition," and how todays industrial foods have largely been separated from that link. “The Dorito Effect, very simply, is what happens when food gets blander and flavor technology gets better,” argues Schatzker. We've mastered the ability to mask the blandness of the food we hyperproduce.

So what do we do? Schatzker's "answer, roughly, is that we need to stop eating real food that’s bland and fake food that’s flavorful. In other words: Eat more flavorful real food." But, as Victorino Matus points out: "The trouble is that this is only feasible for those making six—or seven—figures."

Not many can afford, monetarily or time-wise, to eat exactly in line with our ethics and desires. "So we are urged to take small steps. Make use of herbs and spices. Avoid vitamin supplements and go direct to the source (fruits and vegetables contain more healthful secondary compounds than you’ll ever find in a pill). Eat dark chocolate and drink wine. Patronize restaurants where the food is cooked from scratch." Moreover, we need go beyond 'voting with our wallets' and encourage the creation of policies and laws that support alternative agriculture and the production of flavorful, read food, to make it a priority that this food isn't only accessible to those making six figure salaries, but to everyone.

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