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Celebrating and Protecting Our Watershed

Celebrating and Protecting Our Watershed

Our watershed is worth celebrating! We are very lucky to have some of the best and safest potable water in the world. While our municipalities invest serious manpower and finances into providing fresh water to our homes and businesses, we have largely come to distrust the source of our tap water and have forgotten our connection to our local watershed. Regulatory bodies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and the California State Water Board, oversee and insure that we are continuing to protect our watersheds in efficient and effective ways. However, it take a conscious effort at an individual level to see the changes we need. It takes changes in habits, in perceptions of relationships with our surroundings, and collaborative action to be an effective group of water stewards. We cannot displace the burden of water pollution on regulatory groups when we are all responsible in one way or another.

We must ask: why has water appreciation decreased in the last few decades? Why has our understanding of what goes into delivering tap water to our homes and communities become of little or no interest to most Americans? Water is the essence to our daily lives. Let’s come together and celebrate our watersheds and how lucky we are to have safe, affordable and quality water. Let’s improve public water access and decrease unnecessary waste.

Build your appreciation for public water by reading up on your local water quality reports and also what it takes to deliver our precious resource to our taps. You can support public water by remembering to bring a reusable bottle wherever you go, downloading the WeTap app to find and map the nearest drinking fountain, and taking efforts to conserve every drop. TapWater Day will be May 7, 2015. Ask your local water agency, park and school to install new filling stations and maintain older existing drinking fountains. The future is now.

Check out more about WeTap's App to find drinking fountains in your area!

Evelyn Wendel founded WeTap in 2008 to improve appreciation, access and use of public drinking fountains as a means to reduce dependence on single use plastic water bottles. She is a mother of two and discovered the lack of consistently working drinking fountains while bringing her kids to parks around the City of LA and elsewhere. Since WeTap was introduced, she developed technology to map and access drinking fountains and filling stations. Prior to devoting her energy to WeTap, Evelyn worked at Paramount Pictures for close to 10 years and produced the historically important documentary “The Spirit in Architecture: John Lautner.”

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