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Conscious Consumer Tips for Prawns

Conscious Consumer Tips for Prawns

Don’t fret, not all prawns are unsustainable! You simply must be up for the challenge of seeking out a retailer in your region that is focused on ethically sourcing their food. There is no current certification or label for sustainable and socially produced prawns. This is where face certification plays a key role!

Here are some questions, brought to you by the Environmental Justice Foundation, that you can ask your local grocer, restaurant or fishmonger to be sure the prawns you are buying are nothing to feel guilty about.

Which countries are your prawns sourced from, and are these prawns fished or farmed?

If the prawns are fished, how do you ensure that the accidental capture of other marine life is reduced or eradicated?

Do you sell prawns that are fairly traded and ethically produced, helping coastal communities to benefit from the trade in this luxury food?

Can you ensure that your prawns come form well managed sources and are not lined to environmental degradation or social problems, like slavery? For example, does your business have certain standards or codes of conduct that apply to the management of prawn farms and fisheries, and can you provide information on who monitors the implementation of these standards?

Do you sell organically farmed prawns? (Organic production has fewer environmental impacts, however social issues are only partially addressed.)

To learn more about sourcing prawns explore the Environmental Justice Foundation's Consumer Guide to Prawns