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Eating organic and whole foods for $6 per day! (Yes it is possible!)

Eating organic and whole foods for $6 per day! (Yes it is possible!)

A New York City duo shops at Whole Foods to prove it's possible to eat organic on a budget

Edible Impact founders, Alex Monro and Brooke Sunness, decided to combat the perception that eating organic and whole foods is too expensive by embarking on a challenge to eat organic, vegetarian, and whole food meals on a budget under $7 per day for 30 days. The #30DAYStoSHINE project documented their journey to purchase three meals per day at Whole Foods in New York City and published recipes, sample shopping lists, and budget spreadsheets. Their goal is to inspire people to reconsider their attitudes and assumptions about organic and whole foods and in doing so drive change to the current food system. They stressed the importance of being willing to try new recipes in the kitchen and the surprising affordability of nutritious and organic foods. For individuals with time constraints, the recipes are crafted to be quick and delicious. Home cooked meals may not be an option for everyone all of the time, but the shopping lists, budget, and recipes can help make sitting down for a family meal a little bit easier.

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