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Evaluating the Future of Food through True Cost Accounting

Evaluating the Future of Food through True Cost Accounting

According to a new booklet by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food (GAFF), it is time to change the way we produce and consume food—for human health and the health of the planet.

“Profound changes in the way food is grown, processed, distributed, consumed, and wasted over the last several decades have led to increasing threats to a future of food that is sustainable, equitable, and secure, particularly when coupled with climate change and shifting global economics, politics, and demographics,” according to GAFF. And it’s time to do things differently through true cost accounting (TCA). TCA is a critical tool that evaluates the impacts—positive and negative—in different food systems. It helps create transparency and allows policymakers, farmers, businesses, to make “better-informed decisions that take into account the economic, environmental, and social impacts of their choices.”

Check out the booklet here.