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Find Insects on the Menu

Find Insects on the Menu

A handy directory of restaurants that serve insects around the country

Are you interested in the future of humane protein? Then check out, “the resource on edible insects!” The site features videos, books, and other resources that will help convince you that eating bugs is delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. Perhaps the most interesting feature on the site is the list of verified restaurants with insects on the menu. Most of the listed restaurants serve Mexican dishes that feature a variety of grasshoppers and worms, though there are also several Asian restaurants serving silkworms in many diverse recipes. The list also includes stores that sell edible insects, not to mention festivals devoted to entomophagy around the country. The next time you’re itching for insects, refer to this list.

Now you know where you can find these epicurean delights, so what’s stopping you?

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