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Five ways to get involved in Food Day 2015

Five ways to get involved in Food Day 2015

Food Day 2015 is right around the corner. Here are five ways you can get involved this year. Sign up today!


  1. Help build Food Day and double its impact by reaching 10 million new people with the message of real food. Join Food Day in efforts to multiply the number of communities that organize around food policy, healthy food access, and food worker justice by supporting the crowdfunding campaign. A donation of as little as $5, will help Food Day engage 1,000 new people with the message of real food. Click here and share #FundFoodDay today.
  2. Millions of meals will be served as part of the national Green Meal initiative created by Food Day, The Humane Society of the United States, Health Care Without Harm, and Meatless Monday. Fill out this form to sign up and participate and join the conversation online at #GreenMeal.
  3. The Apple Crunch Food Day activity has spread across the country in recent years, and thousands of locations had Apple Crunches for Food Day 2014. This year, Food Day is hosting a nationwide Food Day Apple Crunch. Please sign up your Apple Crunches and share the page, which includes the Food Day 2015 Apple Crunch video and many other resources.
  4. Food Day is partnering with Amp Your Good on the first nationwide online Real Food Drive. Amp Your Good is an online platform that enables food drives to raise perishable food, including fresh produce, and ensure that it matches the needs of the hunger organization that receives it. For more information and to get involved, send an email to
  5. Food Day is excited to partner with Food for Thought, Food for Life, engaging and informative call-to-action film, on the free online release of the film on October 24, 2015. Read more about the film here or host a screening on Food Day. 

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