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Getting at the (Grass)Roots of Food Security

Getting at the (Grass)Roots of Food Security

Food security means planned resilience to disruptions in the supply of food caused by an environmental or social situation. The best plan is a grassroots one. Perhaps the greatest positive impact one can have is starting a produce garden.

By growing your own food and sharing it with others you are helping create a stronger community. This is part of the good food revolution. Supporting local farmers and artisans empowers them. Increased demand for local, sustainably grown food will, in time, increase the supply, leading to more job opportunities. Free gardening, cooking and nutrition classes will spring up. I have seen it everywhere I have lived: build it and they will come. I have always planted a garden at home. Over time, most of my neighbors have followed suit. It is contagious.

By working with families to build gardens in their own yards, you are helping create food security. By creating community gardens you hare helping those without space at home to have a garden nearby. These community gardens are also a great platform for teaching and learning. Collectively, these communities become more resilient to the fluctuations in food security.

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