Giving Tuesday - Change Food Fundraising Event

Giving Tuesday - Change Food Fundraising Event

Join Change Food for an all day fundraising event! #GivingTuesday

Today, November 28th, Change Food (through our fiscal sponsor Trust for Conservation Innovation) will host an all-day fundraiser on Facebook for #GivingTuesday. (Skip straight to the donation page at

We'll be on Instagram Live, Facebook Live, filming YouTube videos and will be on our regular social media talking about all things food.

By donating to us and/or helping by setting up your own Change Food/TCI fundraiser page on Facebook, you are tapping into a world of passionate people who believe everyone has the right to healthy, safe, delicious food. Funds we raise will go to helping with raising awareness and offering resources and solutions to critical issues.

As we like to tell people, the public figures you see in the food movement are the fires of positive change. We here at Change Food are the fuel that feeds the fire. You might not always see what we're doing but without the work of groups like ours, there is no movement.

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