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Hands on Learning on the Farm

Hands on Learning on the Farm

Girls from the Adelante Mujeres Chicas Youth Development Program experience life close to the earth at Nana Cardoon.

Charlene and Richard began developing Nana Cardoon Urban Farm and Learning Center long before the 3rd grade through high school students that came to visit last month were even born. Yet having the 76 girls from the Chicas Youth Development Program explore, discover, and learn from this land was just what they had in mind over thirty years ago. Back in the 80’s they began to build organic soil, plant a diverse orchard, develop an infrastructure to support an urban farm, and focus on how they could help neighbors and community members of all ages learn about sustainable and healthy food and farming.
Join the girls (link below) from the Adelante Mujeres Chicas Youth Development Program as they grind wheat on the bicycle grinder, harvest potatoes from the farm, and enjoy a tasty lunch in the garden. You'll want to visit Nana Cardoon!

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