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How studying abroad changed my relationship with food

How studying abroad changed my relationship with food

While traveling in the South Pacific, Delicious Living blogger Drea Miesnieks' relationship with food changed drastically.

Last February, I embarked on a study abroad journey to the small South Pacific island of Samoa to study globalization and social change. This trip would shape my life in more ways than I could possibly conceive. When many speak of their experiences traveling, they are often described as life-altering. For me, this was absolutely the case, but in a way that I didn’t anticipate. This trip completely transformed my relationship with food.

Before this adventure, I usually ate a relatively healthy diet, with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables—especially after moving to the food-conscious state of Colorado in 2012, where finding healthy food is relatively easy.

In Samoa, I dealt with massive culture shock and assimilated more each day. As I was changing, Samoa was, too. Every day, Samoa becomes increasingly more globalized and modernized with imports and tourists, whereas Samoans used to rely on subsistence farming from their own plantations and gardens.

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