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Insights into Packaging

Insights into Packaging

Developing a response to the mountains of plastic pollution is a top priority for all of way to reserve the tide of trash is to go from the source --  packaging

When we dispose of conventional petroleum-based plastic, it is most often sent directly to the landfill -- there is no potential for recycling or reuse with this kind of packaging. This is a very big problem. And people are beginning to take notice. 

Eco-packaging is on the rise, due to consumer awareness, but the sad truth is that most recycling facilities are not set up to accept plastics; particularly flexible plastic pouches. And "biodegradable" packaging does not go away like home compost would. The *OSC2* Packaging Collaborative is bringing together leading mission based food companies dedicated to solving this problem, and reducing our industry's plastic footprint. It is up to companies to drive innovation, retailers to support a new kind of package, and consumers to use their purchasing power to push for change. The problem is too big for any one company to address...luckily it has become a movement.

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