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Insights into Watersheds

Insights into Watersheds

Brock Dolman, Program Director of WATER Institute of OAEC, draws the relationship between people and their watersheds.

Watersheds at all scales are evolved living entities. Their state of health provides a comprehensive benchmark for judging the wisdom of our past and future land and water use. Watersheds literally underlie all human endeavors and form the foundation for all future human aspirations and survival. Watersheds topographically define community, and the health of your watershed depends on collaborative relations between neighbors in your shared basin.

At the most basic level, watershed encompasses all the land surface that collects and drains water down to a single exit point. The continual cycle of erosive water flowing over uplifting and weathering land has sculpted all landscapes into distinct cradle-like entities known as watersheds, basins, drainages, or catchments. Everyone on the planet lives in a watershed somewhere.

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