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Integrating Compostable Plates into Public Schools

Integrating Compostable Plates into Public Schools

2.5 million meals every day, once served on plastic trays that piled up in landfills, now on compostable ware

Six of the largest school districts in the country have committed to using compostable plates for school lunches. The group, called the Urban School Food Alliance, and its members, include school districts from Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, and Chicago. They serve a combined 2.5 million meals every day, all of which were once served on plastic trays that piled up in landfills alongside uneaten food. The new compostable plates give students the ease of disposing of all of their food along with the plates in one bin, which will all be composted.

A major issue this program faces is that only two of the counties these districts represent--Los Angeles and New York--have composting services. The other counties do not have the infrastructure in place to support composting, but a goal of the program is to supply enough compostable material for these counties to start a composting service. Hopefully these moves will contribute to the greater adoption of composting facilities throughout the country.

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