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Introduction to Edible Education

Introduction to Edible Education

An edible education means sharing knowledge about our increasingly complex food system--where our food comes from and how it gets to our table, and what the effects are of this process. It is essential to the preservation and health of the natural environment, human culture and every community member. To all of us who know something (even a little bit) about growing, cooking, preserving, distributing and advocating for "good food," the time has come for us to share what we have been taught.

An edible education:
INVOLVES our youngest people in growing and eating wholesome food, grown without chemicals in healthy soil.
ENGAGES the institutions that care for our students, patients and elderly in procuring and cooking food made from seasonal ingredients not processed in a faraway factory.
TEACHES those who make and enforce laws the unintended consequences of misguided policies. It also informs them of the potential for rules and laws that support food that increases the health of the environment, the economy, and the people.
TRAINS the next generation of farmers faced with the daunting task of feeding an ever expanding global population--to grow food rather than feed and fuel.
GUIDES consumers to make food purchases that support the values they hold dear.
INCLUDES those who have been systematically excluded from accessing wholesome, affordable food.
INSPIRES all who will listen by sharing stories about the communities grown, the health outcomes improved, and the natural world protected through the simple act of eating well.

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