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Introduction to Nutrition

Introduction to Nutrition

Nutrition for me isn’t about the traditional definition, which describes nutrients, numbers, calories, fats, additives and all manner of ingredients including those that are highly processed; no to me, nutrition is about healthy food - real food. I think of healthy food as whole food – an amalgamation of two – three legged stools. The first stool is the plate; 1/3 fresh fruits and vegetables, 1/3 whole grains and 1/3healthy proteins. The second stool can be imagined in the phrase “triple bottom line;” 1/3 healthy people, 1/3 healthy planet and 1/3 prosperity.

As you dig deeper into these concepts, others come to the forefront; sustainability, seasonality, production methods, obesity, GMOs, trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, synthetic chemicals, CAFOs, Agri-business, hormones, antibiotics, organic and politics. What you’ll learn about in this section of the Lexicon of Sustainability is the back stories of how our food system segued in 10,00 years from hunters/gathers who ate what the planet produced to a society where 1/3 of us are overweight or obese and where the leading cause of death in children under fifteen is cancer. We’ll explore the terms/ideas of our broken food system and begin to learn the ways we can positively impact changes that can lead us toward healthy food for our world’s people, planet and prosperity.

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