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Introduction to Urban Agriculture

Introduction to Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture is happening across major cities in the United States. People are growing food on rooftops, abandon lots, on walls even hydroponically. Many are realizing that growing your own food gives you power. You have control of what to grow and what to eat.

Yet by no means is Urban Agriculture a new concept. Dating back to school gardens in the early 1800’s to the victory gardens in WWI and II, people have been growing food in urban areas for years.

Today, Urban Agriculture is a microcosm of the vernacular; land and culture. It encompasses more than just the aspect of growing food. On one hand it has become an economic juggernaut, using innovative and creative ideas to generate income within limited land space, the other a social consciousness around the issues of hunger, poverty and health.

With the anticipation of 1 million more people living in big cities by 2030 there are questions that have to be answered. Namely; are we thinking about growing food for the masses? Or providing a commercial industry for an elitist clientele, or establishing a food system that is fair, just and equitable? The answer lies in who the farmers and consumers are.

From S.P.I.N. farming to community gardens, Aquaponics to beekeeping we are just scraping the surface on what Urban Agriculture could or should be. We have a chance to merge old concepts with new ideas and techniques.

I was told once that there is no agriculture without culture, let us remind ourselves the reason we are growing food …is so we all can eat.

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