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Keep it equal

Keep it equal

Keep it equal

It has become apparent from reading Meat A Benign Extravagance that the ratio of energy into an animal in terms of feed is not equivalent to the energy that can be gained through consumption of the animal.  As we come to the realization that in our pursuit of sustainability in all aspects of our food system it will require a balancing of energy consumption to production.  This balance will never be achieved through the consumption of ordinary livestock.  We are going to have to eat lower on the food chain or learn to convert our wastes back into food.  I intend to demonstrate this using black soldier flies fed on brewers waste and the waste from a nearby school.  These flies larva will become food for my tilapia farm that will create food for aquaponic lettuce production.  This will allow a high school to take their waste turn it back into food and give them a salad bar that they do not have. It will also create tilapia that can be sold to start trying to take ownership of the 13,000 lbs. of tilapia imported from China by my state of Iowa each week.


Thanks for your project!  I would love to see an "Eat lower on the food chain for a week!" challenge pop up everywhere!  Good luck with the black soldier flies!

Sonia’s this is a great project in sustainability.  I love that you are using you are using the black soldier fly larvae for your tilapia.  Another great project such as this, that we are adapting to our farm is Geoff Lawton’s Compost Chicken Tractor on Steroids. This example of chicken raised on a grain free diet is his own small-scale adaptation of Karl Hammer’s grain free chicken operation.  

Lawton’s system consists of 28 black Australops who serve as the composting machine.   The birds are fed a combination of horse and cow manure, mulch, and vegetables to be sourced from a local market if not the farm kitchen itself. (Lawton, 2014)

In these cases, the animals are serving a dual purpose in the system.  They serve as a waste processing system, and also as pest control.  When we let chickens peck around in our discomposing waste, we maintain a healthy environmental balance that would otherwise be hard to achieve when large concentrations of waste are accumulated in the same place. 

Geoff Lawton's Chicken Tractor on Steroids

Lawton, Geoff. 2014. “ Chicken Tractor on Steroids” (Accessed on 6/14/2014) 

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