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Nutrition Starts in the Soil

Nutrition Starts in the Soil

It's all about soil. A healthy, microbe-rich, nutrient balanced soil that is high in organic matter grows healthy, nutrient dense produce which delivers a broad nutritional package. The cooperation between microbes in rich soil and a plant's roots is responsible for the transfer of carbon and nutrients from the soil to the plant and, finally, to our bodies.

Dr. Daphne Miller, the author of Farmacology, reveals that studies have shown that ecological farming consistently produces great microbial biomass and diversity by protecting the soil with cover crops and minimal plowing, rotating crops, conserving water, limiting the use of off-farm inputs, and recycling all animal and vegetable waste back into the land. So, the more ecologically we farm, the more nutrients we harvest.

It is not enough to just be organic. Deep-organic farming practices, such as those used by one of my mentors, Eliot Coleman, are what lead to healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy people, and healthy communities.

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