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Organic Dairy

Organic Dairy

Organic Dairy

So much dairy is consumed, but why not make it healthier?

Dairy refers to all products made with milk from mammals for human consumption, including milk from cows, goats, sheep, and even buffaloes, camels and horses. Dairy is an important part of our diet, but with so much processed dairy these days, how do we know we're not better off without it. Cows sometimes are fed medicine to alter the milk, which makes it not organic anymore.

Life Cycle Assessments are used in an attempt to understand environmental impact of a durable good; the most fundamental of all measurement is the quantification of the carbon consequences of that good — taking into account the impact of its full lifespan. This form of measurement considers impact on carbon cycling and is based in an understanding of the inter relatedness of the five carbon pools. This is a key point because Life Cycle Assessments are needed to ensure that the dairy is organic.

The Child NUTRITION and WIC Re authorization Act authorizes all of the federal school meal and child nutrition programs, which include the School Breakfast, National School Lunch, Child and Adult Care Food, Summer Food Service, and the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Programs and WIC. School lunches are supposed to be healthy, and it's called brain food because they need to eat healthy to focus. But with all the crazy medicines these cows are getting, this medicine can harm humans if too much dairy is consumed. This has convinced me that non organic dairy is worse than no dairy at all.

We need to make a difference.