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Students Run a Farmers Market & Sell Smoothies Blended on Bikes!

Students Run a Farmers Market & Sell Smoothies Blended on Bikes!

A Project Localize classroom in California is leading their community in sustainability

Students at Big Bear Middle School are taking charge to bring sustainability to their community with their innovative teacher Tracy Tokunaga. Among other projects this year, they are embarking on Project Localize, learning what makes a food system sustainable, and sharing sustainable solutions with their community through artwork that they will create this spring.

Here is more from their teacher, Tracy Tokunaga, about what her students in the Big Bear Farm2Mountain Produce Club have already accomplished:

Big Bear Farm to School

Our students run a farmer's market out of the classroom every week on Tuesday. We work with our local Big Bear Community Gardens and with JF Organic Farm, which is within 75 miles of Big Bear.  The community garden donates produce to sell at the market and our customers are also able to order organic produce online through our website. Every Tuesday,  the students unload the produce, check orders, assemble boxes, run the cash register; basically they run the program! Money from this program supplies our school salad bar with organic produce weekly. Our community gardens will begin working closely with students in the spring to plant their own garden plot. The food they harvest will then supplement our Tuesday farmer's market.

Students also juice every Friday, enjoy organic produce "snacks" while working the program, and order produce to make smoothies on our newly engineered blender bikes!

Check out more about the classroom's Farm2Mountain program on their site below.

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