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Toolkits for a Food Revolution in the Lunchroom

Toolkits for a Food Revolution in the Lunchroom

Proactive ways you can initiate change in your local schools' lunch menu

Our kids deserve to be fed healthy, wholesome freshly cooked meals at school, made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and cooked from scratch by properly trained cooks in well-equipped kitchens.

Check out these toolkit's from the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and join parents all over America in making a stand:

1. Get the facts. See for yourself what's being served on the breakfast and lunch trays and in the snack lines. Find out what's working and what's not.

2. Find support. If you think things need to be improved, find other parents in your school who feel the same way you do and work together.

3. Start your campaign. Get informed and make a plan, make friends with your school nutrition director and ask for their help and support, go to PTA meetings, get the kids involved, send emails, make noise, track change, and share your progress. Take every opportunity to keep discussions about school food on everyone's agenda.

And your lunch ladies -- go and visit them and thank them for the great job they do. Let them know that they are important, that you appreciate how they take care of your kids and that you want to help make their jobs easier. 

Check out more toolkits and support tools!

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