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What's on the Plate?

What's on the Plate?

What’s on the plate: 2 wild spring rolls with ants, 1 insect skewer (4 crickets, 1 tarantula, and 1 giant water beetle), 1 Mediterranean Feuilletes with red ants, 1 feta and tarantula samosa, and 1 cricket and silk worms wok, with some sweet and sour sauce and a dollop of pesto.

The platter was surprisingly good—the bugs were crunchy and a bit tough at times, but everything was tasty. My favorite thing was the samosa, probably because I had just missed feta so much.

Eating insects is a totally normal thing in Cambodia. Since there are tons of insects and they are a good source of protein almost everyone eats them in Southeast Asia. It is common for farmers to catch things like tarantulas in their fields and fry them up to eat, or sell them to restaurants, which is how the restaurant I ate insects at gets their insects. Locals will sell tarantulas, snakes, and crickets on the side of the road to eat and gross out the tourists.