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Winner: "Soil & Carbon" by Alyssa Bruns

Winner: "Soil & Carbon" by Alyssa Bruns

Soil + Carbon

Winner: "Soil & Carbon" by Alyssa Bruns

In this winning short film, filmmaker Alyssa Bruns explains why we must protect our soils

“To mitigate global climate change and maintain a healthy planet, we need to return carbon where it belongs – in our soils.”

 Alyssa is a recent graduate of The George Washington University where she majored in Geography and Environmental Studies. From an early age she knew that the Sweet Jersey Corn grown down the street from her home was far better than anything she could buy at the grocery store. As she grew older, that passion for food and sustainability matured and evolved. When she is not convincing her family to eat more vegetables, Alyssa is sharing stories about our environment and what we can do to protect it."

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