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A Recipe for Organic Poultry Feed

A Recipe for Organic Poultry Feed

The Traditional Cooking School, a member site hosted by GNOWFGLINS based out of Oregon, boasts hundreds of whole food recipes to support a healthy and clean lifestyle.

One member, Tracey Vierra, writes of her family’s desire to live holistically and raise and grow their food within those standards. She shares her homemade recipe of non-GMO, organic feed mix.

    - 7-1/2 pounds corn
    - 7-1/2 pounds peas (green/split/cow peas)
    - 5 pounds wheat
    - 2-1/2 pounds oats
    - 2-1/2 pounds barley
    - .20 ounce fish meal
    - 1 ounce diatomaceous earth
    - .05 ounce mineral salts
    - .15 ounce kelp
    - ground up old eggs shells from the week prior (as many as we save)
    - clabber, yogurt, or whey (optional)

Makes 25 pounds.
Grind corn and peas on a coarse setting. Combine all ingredients, except cultured dairy or whey. Mix with cultured dairy or soak in whey, if desired. Use as chicken feed.

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