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Responsible for providing technical guidance and the overall planning, design, installation, and maintenance of the agricultural engineering phases of conservation activities.

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Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineer

Douglas Gayeton

Agricultural Engineer

The USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service can help farmers secure new water sources and optimize their use to increase crop yields while maintaining good conservation practices

Location: Athens, GA
Featuring: Wanda, Jacqui
How does Wanda take a topographic survey:
"You have to set up a base station, which reads the satellites. Then you set up the rover (which you walk around with to get to survey points) so that it communicates with the base station. The rover has a data collector that allows the user to see in real-time her location and elevation. I use that data collector to shoot the points and store the survey data that will be used to develop a topo map of the location just surveyed."

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