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The Mandatory Rules and Regulations of Agricultural Runoff are a provision of the Clean Water Act that regulates point sources that discharge pollutants into US waters.

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Mandatory Rules

Mandatory Rules

Photo by Mattie, Selena, Jack and Robby

Mandatory Rules

Location: Wall Lake, IA
Featuring: Rosie Partidge, Family Farmer, Chad and dog Tassie.

What if water initiatives like Iowa’s nutrient reduction strategy were mandatory instead of voluntary, and farmers were forced to comply with rules and regulations that eliminated practices that contribute to agricultural runoff?

“My husband and I both grew up on Iowa farms during the 1950’s when conservation was a way of life.” says Rosie Partridge. “Over time, farming practices have become more intensive. With row cropping, erosion and water quality have become bigger issues; the natural systems and native plants that kept the rich soil in place have been eliminated. This influenced our decision to put most of our land into conservation practices.”

“We need some kind of mandatory regulation on agricultural runoff. Voluntary efforts are not enough to restore water quality. The good land conservationists in farming are in the minority.”

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