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Practical Farmers of Iowa was founded in 1985, in the midst of Iowa’s agricultural crisis, based on the concept of a farmer’s coop. This farm-led nonprofit organization is a unique collaboration between farmers, the Leopold Center, and Iowa State University that shares information to help farmers practice agriculture that benefits both the land and people.

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Practical Farmers of Iowa

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Photo by Derek, Lena and Mike

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Location: Steve Cassabaum's Farm, Near Nevada, IA
Featuring: Steve Cassabaum

Iowa farmers were facing economic instability, thinning rural communities, and rising concern about agriculture’s environmental impact, so they started Practical Farmers of Iowa.

“PFI is an extended family of like-minded people ... a very diverse group of people that has a tremendous amount of knowledge and education through on-farm research.”
- Bruce Carney, Carney Family Farms, Maxwell, IA

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