Labeling that protects the characteristics, which define a unique grain or crop, as enhanced by a specific place, farming practice and milling process.

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Identity Preserved Grains

Identity Preserved Grains

Location: Healdsburg, California
Featuring: Bob Klein, Founder of Community Grains

Front Porch Farm grows a variety of wheats, including Frassinetto, for local food producers. Originally developed near the town of Frassinetto, Italy in the 1920s, it is reputed to be an excellent variety for making pasta or bread.

Bob Klein of Community Grains wonders if commercial millers can take a wheat seed apart and put it back together again to make whole grain flour. He says: “Steel roller mills separate the seed’s three components germ, bran and endosperm, then reconstitute them later. Are all added back in the proportion as in the seed, as the FDA suggests? Doesn’t the seed also have an aleurone layer and thousands of additional micronutrients? It’s the responsibility of food producers to offer clear information, transparency, with every aspect of a whole grain flour’s production — farm seed to harvest to mill to the consumer.”

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