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A seed library is a community-based organization, often times housed within a public library, that provides the public with access to free open-pollinated seeds, supports local food systems, builds seed saving literacy, and promotes locally adapted plant genetics. Seed libraries represent an urban adaptation of one of the few 10,000 year old traditions humans have continuously engaged in — the saving and sharing of seeds with each other.

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Seed Library

Seed Library

Seed Library

Location: Richmond Public Library, Richmond, CA

Featuring: Terry the Book Librarian, Devyn the Library Card Holder, Kelli the Urban Farmer, and Rebecca the Seed Librarian.

Kelly tells us, “saving seeds preserves our biodiversity, builds our local resiliency and maintains our food sovereignty.” A seed library is a place where seeds and information are freely shared for the benefit of everyone in the community.

Free public libraries revolutionized access to books and knowledge. Can seed libraries change what we eat? Our access to local seeds and our knowledge of seed saving has been largely lost this past century. Public libraries offer, preserve and lend books. Seed lending libraries do the same by both safeguarding and sharing heritage seeds, and by housing a seed library at a real library, you can reach a fuller spectrum of the community.”

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