Seed sovereignty reclaims seeds and biodiversity as commons and public good. The farmer's rights to breed and exchange diverse open source seeds which can be saved and which are not patented, genetically modified, owned or controlled by emerging seed giants.

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Seed Sovereignty

Seed Sovereignty

Location: University of Oregon, Republic of Eugene, Oregon
Featuring: Vandana Shiva

To Vandana Shiva, the notion that corporations can own the patents to seeds is nothing but a creation myth. She says, “Capitalist patriarchy assumes that when capital touches life, including when it touches life to extinguish it, that’s when creation begins. This is necessarily blind to the creativity, intelligence and work of nature, of women, of peasants. We are basically saying to the capitalist patriarchy, you have no idea about the intelligence in nature and diversity, you are not the creators, you are the destroyers."

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