Corner stores are small convenience stores that proliferate urban neighborhoods — many of which lack major supermarkets — and usually stock a wide range of packaged nonperishable food, snacks, and drinks. In recent years many food justice organizations have tried to bring healthier food into convenience stores in order to make fresh produce more readily accessible to urban neighborhoods traditionally considered food swamps.

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Corner Store

Corner Store

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Corner Store

Location: Village Market, New Columbia, Portland, OR Featuring: Amber Baker, Village Gardens Program Director and Charles Robertson, Village Market Community Director

Village Market Corner Store provides healthier and more economical food choices for consumers living in urban communities.

Many people living in public housing don’t own cars. When supermarkets are not within walking distance or easily reached by public transportation, these residents often resort to shopping for their food at gas stations and corner stores. Village Gardens provides jobs, consumer education and nutritious food choices (including fresh produce and prepared foods) for residents in New Columbia.

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