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Less than a generation ago, asking what’s in our food was unnecessary—back then, food was food. Today, the proliferation of industrial farming and the commercialization of our food supply has serious concerns about the ingredients in the products we are feeding our loved ones and ourselves.

Thankfully, many manufacturers and producers have responded to customer demand for transparency, traceability and accountability. There are a variety of certifications to shed light on our food—not only how it was made (Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Humane, Demeter), but the core values behind the companies who made it (B-Corp, Fair Trade, Connected Markets, Veggie Libel Law). These seals are empowering consumers and adding credibility to conscientious food producers. By establishing clear quality standards, they provide identifiable differentiators, serve to ease market transactions and increase market efficiencies.

Third-party verification helps consumers navigate crowded grocery shelves, giving shoppers the information they need to trust their product choices. By providing standard setting (level of quality requirements), (objective measure of compliance), certification (evaluation of attributes) and enforcement (penalization of fraudulent claims), meaningful labeling programs streamline production with established requirements, providing reliability and consistency. Ultimately, meaningful certification programs have a positive impact on environmental and social causes and allow consumers to shop with greater confidence.

The Food List

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