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90% of the antibiotics used in the livestock and poultry sectors are given to animals that are not sick, to promote growth and allow them to be kept in crowded conditions. Antibiotic Free labeling is used to promote the health and welfare of food raised without administering subtheraputic antibiotics.

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Antibiotic Free

Antibiotic Free

Featuring: Bill and Nicolette Niman
Location: BN Ranch, Marin, California

The Niman’s secret for “antibiotic-free” beef production is simple: fresh air, sunshine, and exercise make for healthy animals.

Nicolette Hahn Niman says, “Animals simply should not be kept in conditions that require continuous administration of antibiotics. This is not an ethical way to raise animals. More over, this so-called cheap food is food we cannot cannot afford because it is costing society dearly in the rise of more virulent diseases and the loss of our most potent weapons against infectious diseases, not to mention the increased threat of environmental contamination.”

Bill and Nicolette Niman believe, “all farms and operations in the food chain should be transparent, including sharing their policies regarding the usage of antibiotics.

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