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Food Chain Workers

We’re celebrating Food Workers Week on this edition of Food List, giving thanks to the many, many hardworking folks who bring us our daily meal.

We’ll meet farm worker stories and food worker heroes with our friends at the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

With Thanksgiving upon us, author and food activist Anna Lappé considers the food workers and how our choices for organic food affects not just the health of our own families, but also the health and well being of people across the food chain.

From the New School for Public Engagement in New York City, professor Kristen Reynolds explains inequities in our current food system, presenting multifaceted solutions.

We’ll meet farmers growing farmers in Cuello Verde and visit a kitchen incubator as hot as an oven, cooking up chefs and restauranteurs in the heart of California.

From Civil Eats, we’ll hear from grocery store employees who’s hard work goes unappreciated by multinational grocery store chains. We’ll also explore the true cost of cheap shrimp—slave labor—from our friends at Grace Communications.

Luckily, with challenges come solutions. San Francisco’s Planning and Urban Research Association, or SPUR, highlights the importance of regional food systems. Likewise, James Beard award-winning chef Rob Corliss provides a toolbox for being a culinary steward.

This week's terms

Farm Labor

People who are hired to do manual labor on a farm. Labor includes planting, harvesting, pruning, packing, transporting food items, and in some cases spraying harmful chemical herbicides and pesticides.

Green Collar

Green collar workers are people who are employed in an environmentally focused role, such as organic farming.

Know Your Farmer

Food is propagated and made by people. The choices these people make — their production methods, their labor practices, the ingredients they use — define their own value systems. When you buy food, you’re buying these values. Their values.

Migrant Workforce

Between 1 and 3 million migrant farmworkers in the United States travel from farm to farm, with no permanent residence, to harvest, plant and pack our food.

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